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  • All bridal bookings are subject to a deposit payment of £100. Once your deposit payment is received and your booking is confirmed in writing by Totally You, your quoted price will remain the same, regardless of any change to our prices.

  • Once issued, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • If after a quote is made & the deposit is paid, the package is then dropped down to below the value of the minimum booking amount of £350 on the day (not including the preview and deposit paid) then Totally You have the right to cancel the booking with no refund of the deposit. Alternatively they will choose to fulfil the booking with a charge of 50% of the difference.

  • If the clients wedding is booked with Totally You and secured within 90 days prior to the event, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • Following your booking confirmation, you will be issued with an invoice (excluding your deposit and trial payments). Invoice payment is required no less than 7 days before your event date by bank transfer as detailed on the invoice. Cheque payments are not accepted. Cash payments will be accepted if no less than 14 days prior to the event date.


  • Standard bookings will be fulfilled by one stylist, however if an additional stylist is required due to the size of the wedding party, charges will be as follows:

        2 stylists (£35 additional charge)

        3 stylists (£80 additional charge)

  • Stylists will quote travel upon booking, each stylist may vary as they are from different locations. 


  • If the booking is cancelled within 90 days of the event date, the client will be charged 50% of the final invoice amount. Payment should be issued 7 days prior to the event date as per the original invoice.

  • If the client cancels their booking outside of the 90 days by confirming in writing to, the supplier will retain the deposit and no further charges will be incurred.

  •  If the client decides to push the wedding date back more then 6 months later the confirmed booking,  then new prices will be quoted for the booking. If the client does not wish to reschedule with the new pricing, then the supplier will retain the deposit and no further charges will be incurred, unless its cancelled within the 90 days notice as stated above. 

  • If within 90 days of the event date the original confirmed booking is amended causing the total invoice amount to be reduced, the client will be charged 50% of the difference on the final invoice, e.g. a booking of £400, reduced to £200 will be charged at £300. If any changes are made after the invoice due date (1 week before the big day) the full price of the invoice will still need to be paid.

  • If the client wishes to amend their booking to a reduced requirement outside of the 90 days, they must do so in writing to to ensure additional charges aren’t incurred. Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled and the deposit being retained by the supplier.

  • Please be advised that failure to issue payment for outstanding invoices will result in Totally You not being able to carry out our services on the date of the event and may also result in taking the client to the small claims court.


  • If your confirmed stylist is unable to fulfil your booking on the day, due to sudden illness or severe weather, we will always do our utmost to find a replacement stylist. If, however this is not possible, we will refund your final invoice to you.

  • If anything were to happen beyond our control, such as a pandemic like the COVID-19 outbreak and the wedding is unable to take place, or we feel its not safe to carry out the service, we will be happy to change your date for you as a priority at no extra cost. If you then decide to cancel your booking without a reschedule date, then the original terms from section 3 will still apply.


  • We regularly take and share images of our clients for promotional purposes which feature on our Totally You website, Facebook and Instagram pages. By signing these terms and conditions, you are confirming your consent for images of your event to be used for these purposes. Should you have any queries or concerns, please advise your stylist directly.

Terms & Conditions for weddings in the UK

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