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Bridal prep - the morning you say "I do"

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So, you are now happy with your final look with your stylist, your dress is being fitted, bridesmaids are sorted too and you’re now starting to feel more relaxed and excited about the morning preparations! To help you further, we have put together a final checklist for you to help prepare for your wedding morning. There are no rules or regulations, it’s your day so you run it as you want it...but if you’re not sure and need some helpful advice please read on.

Bridal party preparation 

Let’s get your bridal party organised so you don’t have to do a thing the morning of the wedding. You can sit back, relax and be the glamorous queen you deserve to be! Having been married myself and a big part of hundreds of wedding mornings, I see too often the bride having to run around doing last minute preparations! From dressing the bridesmaids to contacting suppliers etc….. Unless you really want to do these things lets show you ways to avoid this scenario on the morning of your wedding. 

  • Delegate jobs - Give each of your bridesmaids a job to do, whether it’s running the button holes or presents to the groom, helping set up, checking all the other bridesmaids need any assistance getting into their dresses, painting their nails, doing up those pesky necklace chains or even applying that cheeky tit tape!

  • Arrival times - Set a time for the bridesmaids to arrive to start having their hair and makeup done, your stylist will assist with figuring out timings etc but try not to delegate a set timeline schedule, this can stress everyone if it’s not spot on, this is your stylists job to make sure we get them all ready in time, not yours!

  • Hair prep - Make sure all bridal party members have washed their hair 24 hours before having their hair done (unless discussed otherwise with your stylist) If your stylist has discussed any other preparation tips at your trial, make sure you pass this information on to everyone else, so they get the best out of their styles.

  • Skin Prep - Treat yourselves the night before to a pamper! Exfoliate, get those moisturising & boosting face masks on, paint your nails & toes. Scrub, body brush and moisturise your body.

Getting into dresses - Tell them a time to start getting into their dresses. We recommend an hour before the ceremony time if you’re having a registrar meeting 15 mins before. This gives you the opportunity to get into your wedding dress with plenty of time, plenty of help and your bridesmaids will look great in photos while helping you getting into your dress! Personally, some of my favourite shots were at this very moment! 

  • Wedding Suppliers - Give a member of your bridal party phone numbers and timings for your wedding suppliers. If any are running late then your delegated person can call them and sort any problems without you even knowing and feeling stressed. Also giving your wedding suppliers a number for that particular member of your bridal party will mean no one will hassle you that morning and you can leave your phone on charge!

Bridal prep setup - Check with the venue prior to the big day that there is enough light and space for you all to have your hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding. We typically work better if there is good natural light, plug sockets nearby, table space (for our huge kits!) and last but not least, a backless stall or a chair you can sit on the side of, so we can get to your hair. Some venues have perfect dedicated spaces for this such as Clock Barn, Highfield Park & The Elvetham. 

  • Make a playlist –select a list of all of your favourite songs that will make YOU feel happy, relaxed and calm the morning of your wedding.


  • Have a translucent pressed powder to hand, for any extra shine through your T-zone you may experience during the day along with your favourite lipstick! We recommend the charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder and their lipsticks are also so luxurious and moisturising!

  • No bras or socks girls! - depending on the dresses your wearing, you might want to think about avoiding strap marks & sock lines!

  • Wear something you can take off without having to pull it over the head, there’s a chance of messing up the hair style. Have a dressing gown to hand or something with a front opening.

  • Food to nibble on throughout the morning, you may not be eating for a long time and no one wants to faint down the aisle!

  • Make sure your engagement ring is on the other handor passed to someone to look after it until your wedding ring is on.

  • If you are wanting flowers in your hair or your bridesmaid’s hair, then mention this to your florist and she should be able to supply a bunch for a small cost. They don’t even need to be prepared with wire for us, just as they come is fine!

lastly and most importantly...... relax and enjoy!! :) It’s the best day of your life and it goes super fast, so make sure you don't lose track of what the day is really about! You found the one, 
let’s celebrate!!!!!! :) eeeeekk!

Thank you!

Claire Jane Whitaker

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