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Shoot day at the barn!

Our portfolio building days will usually take place at our studio in Basingstoke! I'll use my amateur camera skills and dust off the DSLR, zooming in on the teams amazing work!

Giving our brides a clear view of our teams work & skill, as well as a variety of creations each individual member specializes in, on real brides and models.

The Photographer

This time I decided I wanted to hand the camera over to a professional! I wanted them to capture a mix of closeups AND full length, to style them out and get the full effect! So I contacted the lovely Kinga Wye Photography, knowing she was local and I loved her work!

Then after chatting with Kinga, we realized the lighting and space in the studio for this….. isn’t really as good as needed for a full bridal shoot!

The Venue

So, I contact the venue I knew would allow us to be creative in their space…. The barn at avington! If you’re a creative bride and don’t want to feel too limited as to which supplier to book or how creative you can go…. These guys are your go to!!!


The Dresses

I arranged the elite team (most of them anyway) together and hired 3 models to showcase their work. Styling them out with dresses by the amazing Farnham boutique (who actually style most of our portfolio days!) - Victoria, the Owner, is an amazing supplier to work with and has been one of our go-to suppliers for shoots etc for the last 8 years!! The dresses we used were from the "made with love" collection! Stunning collection!!!!!


Hair pieces & jewellery by the incredible Alabaster dream! This amazing lady makes bespoke, handmade pieces that will finish off your bridal look so beautifully! Her creations range from simple, minimal, classy pieces to the fun and bolder bridal crowns for more of a statement! Rachael actually gifted all of these stunning pieces for this shoot and to keep for future brides to have a look during their previews! We are so grateful to her!

The Flowers

We had some trouble finding a florist that was available at short notice, so I figured I would get creative and do a flower wall myself……. Ambitious when you literally have NO TIME! Time passed and I realized this wasn’t going to happen!! The morning of, I woke up with a sudden realization that I hadn’t sorted flowers!!!! Dooohhhh!!! so a quick dash to a florist for some bouquets would have to do.

I ran into a very busy florist in Overton the morning of the shoot!!! That morning they were super busy preparing for a bridal shower!!! I not only begged them to make me a bouquet with what they had left….. but to do it within half an hour!!! I am fairly sure they hated me at this point….. I would of!!! But they were so kind and did exactly what I hoped for! They saved the day! Thank you Ikebana floral designs!!


Arriving at the barn with the flowers, snacks and a speaker in hand, I literally brought the party! The girls were in full concentration mode and had already made a great start with their models!

The Models - The Looks! 

Helen & Olivia create 3 looks on the beautiful Chloe Alishia

Look 1: Olivia created this peachy, blushed look, styled with some loose beachy waves! Paired with the 'Ollie' dress, creating a modern & romantic look. Using some trending elements like the bows that created a veil feel without having to actually add a veil to the relaxed wavey hair!

Look 2: Helen then created a half updo which added a simple yet effective twist to the traditional half up do, for a more subtle, editorial finish. Paired with the 'Cameron' dress for some statement sleeves to create a stunning silhouette!

Look 3: Olivia brought the drama with adding some smokey ness to Chloes eyes!

Helen also created an updo with a twist! Giving the effortless updo something a little different! Paired with a simple, off the shoulder satin dress, the whole look is modern & elegant but with a little edge!


Connie created 2 makeup looks on the lovely Sophia

Look 1 was warm and smokey. Peachy tones and liner for more of a glam look, paired with a ponytail that Olivia created to bring the style together. Perfect look for a glam bride.

Look 2: She then softened the eyes down with golden browns and no liner for a softer finish, paired with a sleeker ponytail and a modern off the shoulder dress called 'Rhodes' for a more contemporary feel!

Finished of course with these stunning earrings by Alabaster Dream.....

Zoe created 3 looks on the beautiful Francesca!!!

Working super fast doing the hair & makeup herself for each look!

Look 1 Was for the boho bride! Zoe created a mermaid braid complete with petals by Alabaster dream for the whimsical, boho look. Paired perfectly with the Mia dress, finishing the cascade of petals through out the look! For makeup Zoe kept it natural and golden! enhancing Frans eyes with some individual lashes!

Look 2: Zoe changed the hair, keeping Frans gorgeous natural curls and creating a twisted up do with some loose tendrils framing the face.

Look 3: Zoe wanted to create a more contemporary look for the modern bride. So she smoothed Frans hair into a sleek bun, but still kept it soft. Added some smokey liner and finished the look with the Rhodes dress and some Alabaster dream earrings.  

The final images by Kinga were so beautiful and different! We even got some great behind the scenes shots…… my face even made an appearance!!!!

Take a peak ......Let us know what you think!

This has inspired us to take a team portfolio day to the next level in the autumn!!! Stay tuned for that one, it's going to be huge!!!

Thanks again to everyone involved in this collaboration!!! We are forever grateful for the magic we get to be a part of and create in the industry!

  • Claire & The team xx

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