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Being 'Totally YOU'

After 13 years in the industry, Claire took a moment to reflect upon her journey from where she began within this industry to now, where we’ve grown to a team of 19 talented artists!

Along the way we’ve been privileged to share cherished wedding mornings with our incredible brides, we’ve witnessed trends come and go, we’ve expanded our artistic and skilful abilities and evolved as a team, we’ve experienced laughter and many tears witnessing heart-warming moments. We’ve been there as your cheerleaders.  

Back in October, we announced our Name change to 'Totally You'! We no longer felt that 'Totally Flawless' aligned with what we are about … don’t worry your makeup and hair will still be the highest of quality! But when we strip back all the other things we do, the luxury services we provide, our professional but personal experience on every wedding morning, ensuring you enjoy every moment on the lead up to becoming a Mrs, we come back to why we do what we do, the part of the job we absolutely love! That's ensuring YOU as our bride feels beautiful being YOU, we want to celebrate YOU and YOUR beauty. Being a bride isn’t about conforming to a certain look, it’s about celebrating your love story so why should you feel pressure to be or look like someone you’re not!? 


We are so aware that the photoshopped, picture-perfect model brides no longer can remain closed on the pages in a magazine, they are at your fingertips, with every scroll. It’s easier than ever to compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty expectations, with filters and heavily photoshopped images. The meaning of Flawless is no longer what it used to be, it’s become something not real, it's unobtainable. 


Our ethos is about ‘Being the best version of you, not trying to be someone different, someone filtered, someone unreal, someone 'flawless’ We are all unique and we want to empower and celebrate that, which is why it’s so important our ethos is reflected within our own team.

Not only do we all have our own individual and unique styles so you can choose the exact style that reflects who you are on your wedding day. We also have a wonderful blend of personalities on our team because we know that we have the privilege of sharing vulnerable and personal moments with you and it is crucial you feel at ease and comfortable with the artist you choose. Each of our artists' profiles reflect our personality and style, so you can ensure you are choosing the right person for you. 


Being truly YOU is timeless and beautiful – a principle that will always remain at the heart of what we do.

Thanks for reading :)

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