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How to prepare for your bridal hair & makeup preview, like a pro!

Preparing for your bridal preview is such an important part of your wedding planning process. It’s the part of the process that’s all about YOU! Seeing your bridal look will help you start to see your vision come to life and put any concerns at ease.

To ensure you get the most out of your preview, here are a few tips:

1. Get pinning your inspo.

Before your preview, save, pin and screenshot some hair & makeup images that you love. Look through bridal magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram to find images of looks that appeal to you and your style. It's helpful to us if you have a few different options so we can get a sense of your style and preferences. So get pinning ladies and make sure you save some images of your dress so we can create styles that compliment the whole look…….. plus, we love seeing them!! 😊

2. Get the full effect.

On the day of your preview, it's important to come prepared so you can see the full effect. Wear a top to mimic the cut and colour of your bridal outfit, so you can see how the makeup and hair will look against it. Also, bring any jewellery/veil etc that you plan to wear on your wedding day so we can incorporate them into the style.

3. Don’t buy any new hair accessories before your preview.

We will help you decide on something that will compliment the style you choose. I also have sample hair accessories at my studio to try out and see for yourself, a lot of other hair stylists will also. Unless you have something particular already that you really want to incorporate, don't waste your money on something that may not work.

4. Communicate Honestly.

During the preview, don't be afraid to communicate honestly with us. If there's anything you want to adjust or change, let us know. We don’t get offended; everyone’s preferences are so different, and we need to get to know your individual needs. It's much easier to make changes during the preview than on your actual wedding day.

5. Come clean and fresh.

Now, I'm not questioning your personal hygiene here, I'm sure you would usually come clean…… but, your hair needs to be washed before your preview. Any grease on your hair will make it difficult for us to gain volume, lift and texture. Your skin also needs to be fresh & clean, NO MAKEUP ladies….. sorry!!

6. Taking Photos.

We will take images for our reference and most of the time, these are usually the best images to compliment your look. Your hair and makeup artist will most likely get flattering angles and use good lighting to take your images. Taking the pictures yourself, in the car or when you get home, may not be complimentary to your look, if taken in bad lighting or unflattering angles. You may end up looking back at the pictures and not feeling as great about it as you did at the preview. Ask your hair & makeup artist to send you the pictures just in case.

7. Trust the Professionals.

It's important to trust our expertise. We have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. We work with lots of different eye shapes, skin types, hair textures etc and have learnt over the years how to enhance and create a look that’s complimentary. So try to be open to our suggestions and ideas. Sometimes, we may have insights that you haven't considered, and it's a collaborative effort to create a bridal look that you are comfortable and confident with.

8. Your timeline.

We like to schedule your bridal preview around 3/5 months before the big day. This will give you time to make any necessary adjustments and book in your final treatments leading up to your wedding. Your skin care, tanning, lashes, hair colouring and any other treatments suggested or considered will be explained and discussed at your preview.

9. Come alone.

I realise some of you may want support, or your thinking it may be nice to have your bridesmaids there. But, we have seen it become overwhelming for brides to decide what they want with so many opinions. Getting to know you at the preview is so important for us to understand your style, your preferences, the vibe of the day and discussing the details with you. Doing a preview with bridesmaids there, can be more difficult for us to do this. There are too many distractions around you and we can sometimes become silenced by conversation. If you would prefer to bring someone with you for support, just bring one person whom you trust will be helpful to you at your preview.

Remember, your bridal preview is an opportunity to ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day. By following these tips and communicating openly with your hair & makeup artist, you'll be prepared like a pro, to collaborate on the perfect bridal look, for your special day.

Most of all, relax, trust the process and enjoy the pamper! :)


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